Technology putting more police on patrol

Major changes are coming to a local police department where outdated equipment had nearly eliminated their ability to do simple tasks like running a license plate. Each of the departments 26 cars will now have laptops built-in that allow them to access and enter information in real time, meaning they can patrol a larger area. Product manager Doug Blenman says the new CAD system also takes dates from old calls and arrests, and puts it at officer’s fingertips. […]

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ID Networks Acquires DaProSystems

Ashtabula, Ohio, April 1st, 2015 – ID Networks, Inc., a leading developer of Public Safety and Biometric software, announced today the acquisition of DaProSystems of Virginia.  DaProSystems has been a 30-year, long-term provider of Public Safety and Law Enforcement systems in Virginia with over 170 agencies using their software. ID Networks previously had over [...]

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