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Product Highlights

  • FBI Appendix F Certified
  • Automated Sequence Checking by comparing rolled and flat impressions
  • WSQ Image Compression
  • Fully compliant and certified to meet the FBI’s IQS (Image Quality Standard) requirements
  • Fast Real-Time Image Capture with Screen Preview
  • Data Checking and real-time operator feedback for assurance of correct data entry format
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Customizable tool tips and data entry screens
  • Create a complete arrest record with demographic, fingerprint/palmprint, mugshot and SMT information
  • Built-In Demographic Data Import to Eliminate Double Typing
  • Minimal Training to Operate – Even for First Time Users

Available in Ruggedized, Desktop, and Portable configurations

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Mugshot Option

The Mugshot camera option allows for quick and easy capture of high-quality mugshots, scars, marks, and tattoos. The mugshot capture software and hardware integrates fully into the IDLivescan system for seamless use. IDLivescan comes with the standard ability to activate the mugshot capture software as a pre-order option or future agency add-on.

The mugshot hardware kit consisting of a high-resolution digital camera with auto focus, and full pan / tilt & zoom control, camera mount and optional lighting kit. The digital photos are stored in the NIST Type 10 image record allowing for the submission of all demographic, fingerprint and photo data to your state AFIS System.

An additional software module is available that allows the mugshot to be automatically corrected to NIST Best Practice recommendations, which includes automatic face centering, cropping, background and lighting correction, and pose orientation.

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Sample Screen Shots

Here are some sample screen shots of just a few of our favorite features in our Livescan system.

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