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Mobile CAD Product Highlights

• Full “Real-Time” software functionality with no refreshing or polling.
• Access state and federal systems including State NCIC, BMV/DMV, DL Photos, Regional Sharing Systems, etc…
• Minimize data entry/hand writing using OCR Drivers License Scanners and In-Car Printers
• Use the information gathered by inquiries to help seamlessly populate citations, warnings, crash reports, and incident reports
• Communicate with dispatchers silently regarding CAD activities, status changes, premise/person alerts, streaming call notes, etc…
• Self-initiate routine activities in CAD including but not limited to Traffic Stops, Special Details, and House Checks
• Real-Time Unit Status Monitoring including customizable grids, filtering and sorting.
• Utilize GIS data right on your MDT to get driving directions, view active call locations, unit status’s, call activity and an unlimited amount of mapping layers.
• Get driving directions, ETA, AVL services, with GIS and COTS mapping support,
• Unlimited preplan formats and capabilities, etc…
• Instantaneous messaging engine with numerous types, priorities and auditing
• Car to Car, Car to CAD, Car to pager, and Car to text messaging
• Individual messaging, Group messaging, Agency wide messaging, Interagency messaging, and System wide messaging

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Mobile Field Reporting Product Highlights

• Using ID Networks “SOAP” (Simple Object Access Protocol) based RMS system, view, edit and add in real time incident reports, citations, warnings, warrants and much more right from your Mobile Data Terminal.
• Complete administrative tasks such as the Review and Approval processes without having to go back into the office
• The RMS software in the mobile environment is the same user experience as inside the office.
• Tight integration to the Mobile CAD software allows users to jump start Incident Reports, Crash Reports and Citations from existing State/NCIC responses and CAD data.
• Access Master Name, Address, Vehicle and Property from the RMS menu.

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Communication & Interfaces

The ID Mobile applications are able to utilize nearly any IP based mobile VPN software to establish a secure connection from your mobile environment to your agencies network. While ID Networks does endorse Net Motion Mobility as it’s recommended solution, dozens of other VPN technologies have been successfully utilized at customers nation-wide.

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Sample Screen Shots

Here are some sample screen shots of just a few of our favorite features in our Mobile system.

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