Mobile Fingerprint Identification

Rapidly Search State and Federal Databases

Finger ID Topics

Product Highlights

  • Low cost: Use existing data connections to search state and federal databases utilizing their matching software. There are no additional data fees and no need to purchase and maintain a local AFIS.
  • Easy to use: No mouse clicks or keyboard entries, FingerID is an automated application.
  • Easy to read results: Results are color coded and easy to understand.
  • Flexible deployment: Can be used by single or multiple agencies.
  • Multiple uses: Supports multiple fingerprint scanners allowing for deployments that fit a variety of work flow scenarios, for mobile, portable and fixed position usage.
  • Easy installation: Can be installed in less than a day.
  • Query past usage: Easily query search requests and their results.
  • Optional integration: Easily integrate with other systems to ensure data accuracy and improve workflow efficiency when exporting results to other applications.

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Sample Screen Shots

Here are some sample screen shots and videos of just a few of our favorite features in our Mobile Finger ID system.

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