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ID Networks has many exciting opportunities for employment. Our team of professionals experience a fast paced, team driven working environment.  We have a very recognizable tradition of excellence within the industries we serve and fully expect to have continued growth for many years to come.  We have a several senior level developers who actively provide mentoring, numerous industry specific subject matter experts, and strive to help our employees further their careers through practical experiences and by subsidizing certification training and testing.  Below are some the current areas that we are continuing to fill as well as the preferred skills necessary:

Job Positions:

  • Public Safety Software Developers (Products served:  9-1-1, CAD, Mobile, RMS)
  • Law Enforcement Software Developers (Products served:  JMS, Arrest Processing, Data Sharing, Biometrics)
  • Facial Recognition Software Developers
  • SQL Database Administrator
  • Public Safety Sales Personnel
  • Public Safety Biometrics Sales Personnel
  • Public Safety Project Managers (Products Served: 9-1-1, CAD, Mobile, RMS)
  • Public Safety Account Managers (Products Served:  9-1-1, CAD, Mobile, RMS)
  • Public Safety Trainer  (Products Served:  CAD, Mobile, RMS)
  • Biometric Project Managers
  • Biometric Account Managers
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Technical Writer

Desirable Software Developer Skill Sets:

  • Microsoft .Net, VB.NET, VB6, XPath, RegEx, WCF, MSMQ
  • T-SQL and XML
  • SQL Database Experience
  • Biometric Fingerprint Experience
  • Biometric Facial Recognition Experience

Desirable Project/Account Management Skill Sets:

  • All Windows Operating Systems
  • PMP Certification
  • ENP Certification
  • Flexible Travel Schedule
  • Industry Specific Experience (Public Safety or Biometrics)

Desirable Customer Support Skill Sets:

  • All Windows Operating Systems
  • Experience Providing Remote Support
  • Strong Documentation Skills
  • Experience Working in a Team Environment

Benefits Include:

Competitive Salaries, Challenging Assignments, Industry Growth, Strong Development Teams, IRA, Life Insurance, Comprehensive Medical Coverage

To Apply:

Please send resume, cover letter and salary history to:

ID Networks, Inc.
Attn: Human Resources
7720 Jefferson Road
Ashtabula, OH 44004
Tel: 440.992.0062 Fax: 440.992.1109
Email: jobs@idnetworks.com

Safety & Security First

Our mission is to provide customers with innovative, yet cost-effective systems that utilize advanced technologies. We remain committed to price / performance leadership, the development of superb software, and a customer service solution that offers value in every way.

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