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Product Highlights

Below is a list of just some of the RMS features and capabilities that help set it apart:

  • Our Query Builder tool allows customers to build their own custom queries/reports against any field in any part of the system in an extremely easy to use interface.
  • Our systems are capable of both state reporting requirements as well as local processing rules.
  • Our powerful review and approval engine allows supervisors to quickly and easily accept or reject reports and activities that do not conform to the agency’s standards/policies with an onscreen post-it system that notifies the user if/when reports have been kicked back.
  • Reports built with our Query Builder tool can be scheduled and run without any user intervention so that reports can be automatically delivered by e-mail for a particular shift, or set up to be recurring daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Our form on screen data entry approach has continued to become more intuitive and user friendly with every version and lessens the learning curve for users when they already know how to fill out the paper versions of these forms such as a state ticket, state crash report, or incident report.
  • Our drill down capabilities from our Master Name allow you to see the details for any record a subject has been involved in.
  • Our field based reporting application experience is exactly the same in the car as it is in the office.
  • Our integration to the Mobile CAD experience makes it easier for users to switch between processes without having to log into two different applications.

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Interfaces and Exports

In the ever changing world of public safety software, ID Networks has developed dozens of interfaces to many of the industry’s leading software providers, such as:

  • Lexis Nexus
  • com
  • Omega Group
  • Multiple and various state repositories
  • Parking Systems
  • Prosecutor Systems
  • Livescans
  • Evidence Systems

Like our CAD system, one of the reasons why ID Networks can make so many different interfaces, and yet do so at such an affordable price point, is because our entire system is predicated on well known and open standards.  We even interface our own products using standards like NIEM that are well documented.  We don’t believe in doing proprietary interfaces that cost a lot of money and that are expensive and difficult to maintain.  By adhering to the various national standards, our products can easily be adapted to nearly any number of products or needs, with minimal effort and costs.

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Whats Next…

Since our products are never really done and are always evolving, we thought that it might make sense for us to share some of the things we’re currently working on and planning to add to RMS over the next couple of releases.


ID Networks has been working hard to add a mapping engine to RMS.  One of the things that we’re going to provide is geo-based crime analysis.  Our intent is to allow our customers to be able to visually see what activities are happening within defined timeframes, relative to each other spatially.  We also plan to add drill downs from the map so that when an incident occurs at a given verified location, the user will be able to drill down on the record from the map to see who was involved, where it occurred, when it occurred, etc.


ID Networks is in the process of architecting ways that our users can take more and full advantage of their mobile devices as it relates to RMS.  One of our many different investments we’re making on this front is an application that will allow images, video and sound recordings to be added directly to reports from a user’s cell phone.


As ID Networks continues to work closely with our customers, we’ve heard from the user community that they would like to be able to login to RMS and see a dashboard of the activities that are assigned to them as well as any due dates for each.  This new dashboard approach or view that we are creating will make it easier for a user to know what they need to complete without having to go into any of the various applications to see if there was anything waiting for them.

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