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Geneva-On-The-Lake police say new software links them to county

GENEVA-ON-THE-LAKE — The police say their new computer software will make responding to calls, recording arrests and incidents and linking with other police, fire and emergency services easier. […]

Ionia County now has mobile fingerprinting

The new technology allows deputies to take fingerprints in the field and search the databases of the Michigan State Police, FBI and special watch lists within a matter of minutes. The system is being developed by ID Networks Inc. of Ohio. […]

North Carolina police deploy mobile fingerprint device

The Mobile Fingerprint Identification solution, developed by ID Networks, is a single-finger scanner that connects to the laptop in a police car via Bluetooth. The device requires two fingerprints before it sends the data to a server at the Rockingham County 911 Center and on to the state. […]

ID Networks provides mobile fingerprint identification solution to a North Carolina police department

Public safety and biometric software developer ID Networks has provided North Carolina’s Eden Police Department with its mobile fingerprint identification solution, Finger-ID, that allows officers to securely identify individuals in the field. […]

Technology putting more police on patrol

Major changes are coming to a local police department where outdated equipment had nearly eliminated their ability to do simple tasks like running a license plate. Each of the departments 26 cars will now have laptops built-in that allow them to access and enter information in real time, meaning they can patrol a larger area. Product manager Doug Blenman says the new CAD system also takes dates from old calls and arrests, and puts it at officer’s fingertips. […]

ID Networks Acquires DaProSystems

Ashtabula, Ohio, April 1st, 2015 – ID Networks, Inc., a leading developer of Public Safety and Biometric software, announced today the acquisition of DaProSystems of Virginia.  DaProSystems has been a 30-year, long-term provider of Public Safety and Law Enforcement systems in Virginia with over 170 agencies using their software. ID Networks previously had over [...]