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Product Highlights

IDArchive is now a robust database and protected archive, directly created from the official livescan data and images. Although the data may sometimes be a duplication of the data contained in an existing system, there are many other advantages for users upon deployment of this system.

Little did we know that the demand for 10-print card access would grow the way it has in the past couple of years. As a result, our current product contains robust features for use by investigators, prosecutors, courts, and other criminal justice users. All you need to use the system is a livescan interface to feed the system and network connectivity with a standard Internet browser. As in all ID Networks software products, IDArchive is designed to be vendor neutral. Remote agencies may view and reprint 10-print card data using any FBI approved WSQ or NIST utility from Aware, Mentalix or any other certified vendor.

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Standard System Functions

Same day deployment provides instant access to view, print, edit and share arrest data, prisoner photos, and electronic fingerprints by all authorized users. The end result is an improved and highly efficient Criminal Justice Data Flow, satisfying the core requirements of the Byrne Memorial, SIS, CITA, NCHIP and NSOR CJIS grant funding goals for timeliness, accuracy, and completeness of criminal history records. * Grant Eligible Product

  • Livescan EFTS record Import of Arrest Data, Prisoner Photos, Electronic 10-prints, Palm and Documents
  • Universal Photo .JPG and Type 10 Import for Mugshot System Exports
  • Permanent Data Base Storage and Archive for Arrest Data, Mugshots, Fingerprints, Palms and Documents
  • Robust Data Base Indexing to enable searching the archive on a variety of indexed fields
  • Central Security System for Secured Access with Individual Passwords and User Settings
  • Audit logs for usage and system administrator information
  • Shared Multi-Agency Access with Internet Browser
  • Image Based Inquiries, Reporting and Demographic (Type 2) record updates for SID, FBI & other¬†data
  • E-mail Sharing of Archived Packets for data, photos and fingerprints
  • Allows administrator management for court ordered expungements, record sealing, final disposition updates and editing of demographic data such as ID Response message SID # and FBI #’s or Alias

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Upgrade Options

  • Biometric Password for Logon, via low cost desktop fingerprint reader
  • Internet Enabled Access License for remote agencies, with VPN security option
  • Automatic Email Notification to Prosecutors, Arresting Agency and Courts for late or missing supplemental case information and filings
  • Remote Workstation Disposition Updates by Prosecutors or Courts – Online entry, batch process or direct data base updates via SDK for 3rd party vendors and state integration for CCH system updates
  • Remote Workstation Reprint the original forensic state or FBI 10-print card, via FBI certified printer
  • Remote Workstation WSZ, JPG2000 Decompression and NIST Forensic Reprint Licenses available
  • Remote Workstation Web Enabled ImageNet Investigative Mugshot Imaging for Suspect Review and Automated Photo Lineups
  • Document Image Scanning Application to add other type document images to database records

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Sample Screen Shots

Here are some sample screen shots of just a few of our favorite features in our Biometric Archive system.

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