Public Safety

Over the years, our commitment to quality products has driven our development teams. Highly skilled software developers continue to search for new ways to improve customer efficiency, work flow methods, and ease of use. Our focus on the “backroom technologies” has been an integral part of our end-user success that ultimately delivers solutions that are creative and intuitive for customer needs.

Law Enforcement 

Interaction with law enforcement officials and practitioners has produces a win-win scenario for thousands of customers over the years. Cooperative design committees with law enforcement have repeatedly proven to be successful for the development and research of new product solutions.


With over 20 years of biometric research and development behind it, ID Networks has developed scalable solutions that will meet the biometric needs of single, multiple or regional Criminal Justice entities. ID Networks has been a FBI certified Livescan provider since 2001 and is the contracted Livescan provider in several states. Our scalable solutions can be incorporated into an agencies existing workflow in order to meet the needs of any biometric plan.