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ID Networks is a privately held company, in operation since 1984. Our first applications were DOS based applications which provided records management and jail management for sheriff’s offices and jails. Over the next five years, we expanded our software to fully address the everyday needs of a sheriff’s office. Over that period of time, we introduced our products into several states. It became apparent at that time that state specific features would be required within the product in order to have our software accepted by those agencies within each state. Therefore, we give intense consideration to state specific solutions, as well as robust setup options for customers to utilize the many features suggested over the years by our customer base.

As computer technology changed throughout the 80’s and 90’s, our software changed also. Our customer base demanded more integration and their operations became more dependent on the computer than ever before. Our product offerings and services expanded in order to provide full service for our accounts. We provided facility wiring for networks, network equipment, servers, phone system wiring, PC workstations, communications software, and application software.

In 1989, newer technologies became available for digital imaging. Our customers were very interested in the integration of images, therefore we developed our first digital imaging system, with a direct interface to our application systems. The original imaging was programmed in Unix and interfaced with our standard DOS network. As DOS and Windows became more robust platforms, we migrated all of our original products and expanded their capabilities immensely. Our digital imaging has always been state of the art and a robust solution for our customers.

ID Networks spent much of the 90’s focused on developing high quality, cost effective digital imaging solutions, electronic fingerprinting, and data interfaces with other vendors. We continued on with additional database applications and data SQL server based criminal justice sharing systems. These systems are web enabled so that our customers can share vital information with other agencies.

We also provided integration for fingerprint identification and livescan technologies, all of which are governed by FBI specifications and guidelines. We participated in an FBI test program for several years as well to develop mobile wireless based prototypes and toolkits for single finger identification in support of the FBI NCIC 2000 initiative. In doing such development, we enhanced key relationships we had with industry leading identification partners and we also managed to technical resources, skill sets, and areas of expertise. These relationships, experiences, and enhanced core competencies have evolved into our current line of custom identification products, solutions, and toolkits.

Safety & Security First

Our mission is to provide customers with innovative, yet cost-effective systems that utilize advanced technologies. We remain committed to price / performance leadership, the development of superb software, and a customer service solution that offers value in every way.

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