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Track Your Grant Opportunities Now

For over 16 years, ID Networks has recognized the importance of assisting public safety organizations in grant research, development, education, monitoring and compliance.

We are offering 2 FREE SERVICES to qualified agencies with no obligations, no hidden fees, no high pressure sales for any of our products.

  • Our Electronic GRANT ADVISORY BULLETIN to automatically track federal and state grants for your areas of interest, well in advance of their issuance.
  • Our GRANT PROJECT ASSISTANCE which cooperatively formulates project details in a form acceptable for grant submission, after locating all applicable grant possibilities, even as they progress through Congress, the Senate, Presidential approvals, and grant issuance by federal agencies.
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Free Grant Assistance
Free Grant Assistance



Our Eligible Products

CAD - Computer Aided Dispatch
Mobile CAD Client
Mobile Field Reporting
RMS - Records Management Software
Livescan and Palmscan
Fingerprint Archive
Fingerprint Indentification
Mugshot Imaging
Jail Management
IJIS Regional Sharing

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